• Joibo Bhandar
  • Market Outlet
  • The 'Sunderbans Joibo-Bhandar', an outlet of native varieties of seeds and organic products, was set up in 2012 with an objective to promote the organic or bio products and local varieties of seeds, produced by the local Self-help groups or organic farmers, in the local market. It was an attempt to create awareness and to establish network within different communities at local level on organic farming & consuming organic foods.

  • At present, we have the following products & local varieties of seeds in our Joibo-Bhandar
  • Items / SeedsLocal namesPrice/ Kg.
    Cented Rice
    Gobindo Bhog 80
    Dudhesshor chal 37
    Paddy Seeds Dhan beej35
    Lablab bean Shim 
    Bitter gourd Korola 
    Okra Dharos 
    Puin Puin150
    Ridge gourd Jhinga700
    Snake gourd Borboti1000
    Snap melon Futi600
    Cucumber Sosha2000
    Water spinach Kolmirshak 2000
    Pumpkin Kumro 600
    Wax gourd Chal kumro200
    Bottle gourd Lau200
    Snake gourdChichinge1500
    Brigal Begun1800
    Snake gourdChichinge1500
    Vermin compost Kincho Sar10
    Turmeric power Halud guro120
    Chili powder Lanka guro140
    Hanicraft made of coconut shell
    Cap, Ektara, Dhup dani etc.  Avg. 70-150
    Solar light  1750
    Neem oil 150
    Moong dal 120
    Wild Honey 200